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Doctor Nerve, SKIN
CD on Cuneiform Records

Doctor Nerve has released their fifth CD, SKIN, on Cuneiform Records.

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In an interview with Jeff McLeod of The Subversive Workshop Newsletter (Feb 1995), band leader Nick Didkovsky says the following of their new CD:

SKIN is much more extreme than any previous Nerve project. Everything we've done to date has been amplified and expanded radically. For example, my composition software has gotten a lot more sophisticated and abstract. By contrast, the metal edge on what we do has been sharpened; there's some way-over-the-top metal tunes on the record, of course totally twisted in the Nerve tradition.

Q: What's your life goal as a musician & as a member of Doctor Nerve?

A: The goal? Keep doing what we were born to do until we drop dead. That, and put the words Doctor Nerve in the cultural vocabulary of every person with two ears and a brain between them.

SKIN was produced by Nick Didkovsky.

For further information, contact:

Nick Didkovsky / Punos Music / Nerveware
118 East 93rd Street, Apt 9C, NYC NY, 10128-1665
Tel: (212) 369-1733, Fax: (212) 996-4214

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Skin Rack by Sara Garden Armstrong, photo by Krasner/Trebitz, design by Stefanie Green.
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