Fun things to do with a Markov Process

  • I like to create replies to Emails I receive from the Nigerian 419 scam letter writers. I search and find some text from the net, sometimes about banking and sending money, sometimes with a phrase like "i love myself", run it through the generator and send it to the scammer. He has to figure out what it's saying and try to reply to it in order to continue the confidence game. (Name witheld upon request)

  • If you have recently moved: Write out precise directions to your new house or apartment. Pass these to the Markov input window. Give the output to your friends, stating that there will be a party, and only those who can find it are invited.
    (submitted by Philip Shanks)

  • Copy E-Mail from your friend and paste it into Markov's input window. Copy Markov's output and paste it into your response to your friend.

  • Use a consistent text notation to input musical events, and let Markov output statistically similar music. For example, C#Q DQ C#Q DS EE. could stand for the following melody: C# quarter note, D quarter note, C# quarter note, D sixteenth note, E dotted eighth note. Use whatever notation you want, just stay consistent - Markov will happily analyze your input and generate statistically similar output.

  • Type in one of your favorite poems or stories, or one of your own poems or stories, and see what spews out.

  • Highlight and copy any text from any WWW page and paste it into Markov's input window.

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