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Music (organizations/composers/bands/publications)

Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons with Tabs by Nick Didkovsky
Vintage Guitars: Gibson serial number lookup
Kathleen Supove's home site (Nerve keyboard ravager)
ICONOCLAST Home Page, Doctor Nerve's drummer Leo Ciesa's duo.
Harpy Home Page, "the concept is only strange music style!"
Jerry Hunt Home Page, brilliant and moving.
Frog Peak Music
Peter's 3D Amass, creative 3D art.
Pogus Productions outrageous music
Kyle Gann's Home Page
SoftSynth Java audio synthesis, HMSL, and portable Forth
Artist Shop Buy some independent radical music.
Wayside Music / Cuneiform Records
Calendar for New Music
The Wire Music Magazine
Kalvos and Damian's New Music Bazaar
Marchione Guitars
Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Computer Music (software/utilities/composers/publications), home of JSyn: realtime Java software synthesis, home of JMSL: Java Music Specification Language

Programming, Multimedia, and Mouse Brain Atlas Images (you know, mus musculus)

Forth written in Java
Ultra Edit (popular editor for Windows)
Gensat Mouse Brain Atlas collection of images of gene expression in the developing mouse brain (you know, mus musculus)
Mouse Brain Atlas Picture of the Day (you know, mus musculus)
The translating ribosome affinity purification (TRAP) method was developed in the Heintz and Greengard laboratories at The Rockefeller University. Mouse brains.

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