For Hugh Hopper, with love.

Nick Didkovsky - guitar
Hugh Hopper - bass
John Roulat - Drums
Bone CD cover by Bill Ellsworth
Bone: Uses Wrist Grab
CD on Cuneiform Records

Available now! "Hugh Hopper: The Gift of Purpose", benefit CD for Hugh's family. Purchase at Wayside Music or Downtown Music Gallery. Every penny goes directly to Hugh's wife and daughter.
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"I got a message the other day from Hugh Hopper's wife Christine. She reported that since Hugh's passing, she's been struggling with finances. Of course she's also struggling emotionally, as she misses him terribly, but the gist of her message was a call for financial help. She recalled that Hugh told her that if she ran into trouble, to ask their friends for help. So she did. In response, John Roulat, Steve Feigenbaum, and I decided to produce a limited edition benefit CD, 'The Gift Of Purpose'. We are splitting the manufacturing costs and donating the gross income to Christine. Steve has already wired her some money in advance. It will be a Cuneiform Record. The bulk of the benefit CD will be a beautifully recorded Bone concert that we did at Orion Sound in Baltimore. There is also a bonus track by myself, John, Colin Marston (Behold....the Arctopus), Daevid Allen (who contributed a beautiful vocal track), and Yves Duboin (Doctor Nerve).
It will be in digipak format, with cover design by Bill Ellsworth (who does Cuneiform Records). So it'll look and sound very, very good. I hope you can support this project!" - Nick Didkovsky

This fabulous all-star progressive power trio features Nick Didkovsky (from Dr. Nerve) on lead guitar, Hugh Hopper (Canterbury fuzz-bass legend for Soft Machine & Isotope, etc.) and John Roulat (Forever Einstein) on drums & percussion. ...wicked slide guitar...great, bent, hard rockin' nastiness... screaming, demon guitars ... thick, throbbing bass ... great tribal drums and percussion. Charming in a twisted sort of way" - Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

Nick Didkovsky (gtr) and John Roulat (dr) of BONE, photo by Scott Friedlander
Nick Didkovsky (gtr) John Roulat (dr), and Hugh Hopper (bass) of BONE, photo by Scott Friedlander
"The madness herein is very catching. Assault with a friendly weapon..." - Ken Egbert, WHAT'S RATTLIN'

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MP3 Excerpts from the CD, by permission of Cuneiform Records, (p) 2003
To Laugh Uncleanly At The Nurse (Didkovsky)
Fostor Wives, Trophy Hair (Didkovsky)
Danzig (Hopper)
Overlife, part 3 (Didkovsky)
Green Dansette (Hopper)

Past Performances:
Feb 15, 2008, 7pm The Whitney Museum of American Art, 75th street, NYC. info
Feb 16, 2008, 8pm Orion Sound Studios, Baltimore. info

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