Body Parts
Nick Didkovsky - guitar
Guigou Chenevier - drums

Body Parts art by Sophie Jausserand, photo by Isabelle Vannier

Body Parts joins the forces of two composer / band leaders in a tight, energetic, and creatively charged duo. Nick Didkovsky (guitar) has led his own Doctor Nerve ensemble since 1983, while Guigou Chenevier (drums) was a member of the seminal French art-rock band, Etron Fou LeLoublan, and currently leads his own avant-folk ensemble Volapuk. The new duo pushes the envelope of the duo form; their work ranges from explosive short song forms to long, sonically-rich improvisations.

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MP3 previews:

Body Parts, European gigs

-23 Novembre  Coustellet
-24 Novembre  Schio
-25 Novembre  Meldola
-26 Novembre  Genève
-27/28        Nancy
-29 Novembre  Lille
-30 Novembre  Rennes
-01 Decembre  Cherbourg
-02 Decembre  Bielefeld
-03 Decembre  Münster

August 25, 2001, Mulhouse Festival, Mulhouse, France. ( 8.30 PM in Noumatrouff, same bill than Pauvros solo, Mengelberg-Bennink duo, Alan Silva-Johannes Bauer, Roger Turner trio)
August 28, 2001, Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland, (probably around 10 P.M.)
August 30, 2001, a boat in Rotterdam, called Stubnitz, close to the "New York Hotel". Concert time in the evening...9 PM or so
September 1, 2001, Gronigen, Holland. Concert is in a farm at 20 kms north of Groningen, at 4 PM, details forthcoming.


Nick Didkovsky
Guigou Chenevier